Walk-behind tractors "NEVA" with a classic reduction gear

Walk-behind tractors "NEVA" with a reduction gear "MultiAGRO"

About "Mototekhnika NEVA" walk-behind tractors

Walk-behind tractors (motobloks) with various operational capabilities are manufactured under the brand name of “Mototekhnika NEVA”. Therefore every land parcel owner can choose a “Mototekhnika NEVA” walk-behind tractors, according to intended use, scope of work, land parcel size, and also the product price.

Advantages of "Mototekhnika NEVA" walk-behind tractors

•    "Mototekhnika NEVA" walk-behind tractors are equipped with original imported engines with a long service life and a high efficiency factor (Briggs&Stratton, Subaru, and Honda). That will enable you to cultivate soil more efficiently;
•    "Mototekhnika NEVA" walk-behind tractors have functional and friendly transmission shifting control system, which makes it possible to choose the best speed for each type of work;
•   "Mototekhnika NEVA" walk-behind tractors operates with a wide range of attachments (including hay rake, mower, snow thrower), as well as a connector and a dumpcart. As a result you make a maximum use of your "Mototekhnika NEVA" walk-behind tractor on a season or year-round basis;
•    To operate "Mototekhnika NEVA" walk-behind tractors you don’t need to have a special training. After reading the instruction manual you quickly master operating the rototiller.

For cooperation contact us via phone +7-812-297-04-35 or e-mail: neva@motoblok.ru