About "Mototekhnika NEVA" tillers

The range of "Mototekhnika NEVA" presents tillers (motor cultivators) of the middle and high-power segment. A certain range of technical and functional specifications features each model. As a result it is possible to choose "Mototekhnika NEVA" tillers according to individual demands of a user (area of the parcel cultivated, the intended land-treatment works etc.).

Advantages of the "Mototekhnika NEVA" tillers

•    "Mototekhnika NEVA" tillers are equipped with the foreign made engines produced by Briggs and Stratton, Subaru, Honda. The engine endurance enables to perform works of different complexity;
•    "Mototekhnika NEVA" tillers have a transmission with a sufficient set of gears. As a result the product works efficiently with all types of the attached implements;
•    "Mototekhnika NEVA" tillers have a doubled transport road wheel. This option makes movement of the equipment with the installed cutters through terrain easier;
•    "Mototekhnika NEVA" tillers are equipped with the adjustable handle bar. It enables adjusting the height comfortable for an operator, and makes operating the equipment easier during cultivating.

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